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Hello i'm Kroko...!

When I was about two weeks old and without having seen anything from this world yet, I decided to go for a walk in the middle of a street… You see I am a bit of an extreme… First thing I saw when I opened my eyes was four long ears and two pairs of beautiful eyes staring at me… I proudly call them “mom” and “dad”.

Hi! name is Tsivlou...!

...It was another cold winter day and as always I was wandering around Lake Tsivlou in Greece, trying to find some food... You see i was starving and my health was in danger… But I knew that day would be different. I was only one year old and that day changed my life! Now as a wife and a mother I live the life I was dreaming of… Never stop believing...!

Hello world...i'm blano!

...Being starved to death and with my head injured I was still able to give the “goofy” look to anyone who approached me. I knew that someday someone would fall for it… And yeap when I was one year old someone did…! Now as a husband and father I live a peaceful yet adventurous life…!'

cats and dogs

...and i'm Bill Anastasiou!

…Happy to be living with those three wonderful souls. Found Kroko in the middle of the street outside my parents house, got back from a trip I’ve been with my wife at Lake Tsivlou in Greece with a dog in a very bad condition and “fell off” by the “goofy” look of Blano. Living with animals needs to sacrifice a lot of things but in the end it’s all worth the cause. Because they give you back the most valuable thing in life which is love…

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